Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swatch and Matthew Langille

I was recently introduced to a new collaboration of artist and brand, with that being Matthew Langille and Swatch.

"Matthew Langille is a name you may not recognize off hand, but you would probably recognize his artwork if you saw it. His childlike drawings have been seen on flip-flops for Havaianas, T-shirts for Marc by Marc Jacobs and now watches for Swatch. Matthew is a prolific drawer and, like most artists, he uses drawing and sketching as an outlet for creative energy, filling various illustration pads with countless images. He is creating art to provide another perspective on human nature. Lots of the images are a reflection of his own psychological and philosophical perspective, which is seen by the way he conveys the characters he creates. The trio of watches, named Germaholic, Snuggle Bunch and Floating Away, are all inspired by Langille's upbeat and humorous view of modern society".

Matthew Langille's collection for Swatch is available now from all Swatch retailers and online here

I definitely owned a few when I was young and now I will be introducing them to my daughter. I am thinking the "Germaholic" to remind her to wash her hands and well she is my sweet little monster ;)


Simply Mel said...

Swatch was my first watch, and I refused to take it off! Eventually, I believe it finally just fell off it was so worn and tattered.

Can't wait for my lil' crumb to wear one of these!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Yes I think swatch was my first too. I think the bear one pictured is so cute.


Karen said...


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