Tuesday, August 11, 2009

W 14th St at Ninth Ave.

©Leigh 2009

Inspired by the threshold photography in the sleeve of the Beastie Boys ~ The Sounds of Science.

Also check out Yvan Rodic's new photo blog. Definitely some fun photos adding to his adventures while out and about facehunting.

Where do you get the energy Yvan? I need your secret..


Mademoiselle C. said...

It's true it's fun and full of energy!
Thanks for sharing the treasures you find Leigh, it's a real pleasure each time.


Lilee said...

coool blog! i have that anja pic on my blog! haha

Dallas Shaw said...

some great photos there


E.K. said...

I wish I had more energy also. Hey, did you have a show in LA?

Cheryl Lynn said...

Yvan's photos are so wonderful. I really enjoy looking at ordinary people with extraordinary fashion sense.

Your photo is so very beautiful, Leigh. I love the black and white imagery with the heavy contrast. You are a major talent, my dear. Magnifique!

Have a great day.

June Paski said...

i love ur photos, im obsessed with BW pics now :)


avant garde said...

oh, yeah. i love new photography finds. i'm off to check out her blog. there are so many talented and fun people in this world, i swear! :)

Chessa! said...

did you know that that flatiron bldg on 14th and 9th in the meatpacking district was modeled after the one on 23rd street? I didn't...I do freelance work for a travel company that does tours in NYC and I learned that when i went down to take photos there. isn't that cool..about the bldg, not my freelance work;-)

Leigh said...

RE: Chessa~ I was thinking that actually too. I had dinner there after the show and I was telling my friend Aaron that it looks like a mini Flatiron. But yes your freelance work is cool too ;)

Cannot wait to get back Monica!

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