Tuesday, September 22, 2009

London FW

Speaks for itself. Love it!

Over the pond from London Fashion Week, not me, but at least we have Scott, Garance, Dennis, Yvan and others to take us with them.. from top, Dennis at Get Your Plane on Time, and Garance Dore. I am inspired to combine my art and photography as she has done here. Also if in London make sure to stop by her exhibition for her collaboration with the Gap.

& Fall has definitely blew its air into Denver this past few days. Straight chill to my bones, I want to hop in a hot bubble bath with a book all day.. Wishful thinking, if I can schedule 15 minutes for myself I will be happy.. Enjoy yours.


Laura Trevey said...

love these!!

PorkStar said...

Not cold in NYC just yet but i'm pretty sure it will be one long cold winter here as well.

Christina Entcheva said...

I love love love your blog <3

Leigh said...

RE :Porkstar ~ Say hello to NY for me.. I hope your feeling better btw, saw you had the sniffles on FB..

Leigh said...

RE: Christina ~ And I just adore you :) Love your new work so much, I have to get me a piece one of these days..

Natalie said...

the first pic is awesome! i love it haha, it's so funny. and the second pic is so angelic and pretty :)

great post!



Dustjacket Attic said...

What a cute pic for number one, love Garances photo's.

Hope all is going good honey,

Kristin said...

Oh to be there. Sigh.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Haha, it cracks me up every time I see it :)
Glad you let me know via facebook, love to see it on your blog!

Garance's is also beautiful - the writing really adds to the atmosphere of the picture.

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