Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today I vow!!

Today I vow to let my natural curly hair just be more often... I have been trying to grow out my layers and the length for what seems forever!! I really do not mind the long layers I used to have, but once I cut those below my chin and my hair became shorter as a result... I have entered the long process of wanting it back.. A few years now have passed and I have yet to see it again! So I think what is best for now is air drying, no brushes, hiding of the blow dryer, straitening iron, and going darker again (which I think looks better) now looking back.
Here is a photo ( I had a retarded expression, why the black box) of me back in 2005, that is my motivation..SO much longer and thicker... What happened?

So today with it air dried and pulled in a low loose chiffon I have to admit not bad, I just honestly believe if you are not happy with the hair on your head it effects so much of your self esteem..

So what are your hair tricks to growing your hair out? Or regrets of color/cuts.. Share with me.

Top Photo via~ www.booooooom.com Taken by Julia Galdo


LifestyleBohemia said...

Good for you - you look great!
I have very curly hair and battled with my hair and flat iron for years. That's all behind me now & I've been wearing it curly. Very happy with it once it grew out :)

I put a little mouse in it when it's wet, dry with a diffuser, and put in leave in conditioner if it starts to frizz.

sarah said...

I have superfine, stick straight blonde hair. Once, when it was layered and fell below my bra line on my back, I decided to cut it boy short. Once I finally grew it back I went for a haircut and the person cutting my hair messed up so it had to all be cut off again! Never again!

jaassnnaa said...


trish said...

Your hair looks good:) I grew out my hair pretty much by just keeping it pulled back (when it was long enough to) and now it's pretty long, and I all do is where it in a ponytail (or a knot, really)....I keep telling myself, when I lose weight, or do this or that, I'm going to get my hair done.....

A French Cloud said...

Good for you- you're gorgeous! I'm a slave to my hair straightener thinking it looks best -- at the same time I get the most compliments when I'm on the beach and the humidity and wind let my locks do what they will.

Dallas Shaw said...

i let mine go "messy" all the time b/c I have wavy hair just like yours. You must get some bumble and bumble surf spray. It is a dream


Dustjacket Attic said...

Good on you ... cute chick! You look great btw.

I have super short hair in a blunt cut just at my jaw, so don't have any growing out probs ... it's naturally curly but I do have it straight for half the week. Best of both worlds :o

Hope you get it just as you want darling,

Kay said...

long and natural is what I like...my stylist always wanting to throw in a body perm or highlights...but what I know (although, I see the spectacular styles of all those others)....is many people pay a lot of money to get hair like mine and I will not change it. A few years back I did chop it and donate...I cried and will not again (sorry)

...love Maegan said...

I love the natural air-dried look ..it's so beachy. That's exactly how I grew my hair out though ...I went dark {from short platinum} and stopped blowing it dry ...and eventually could get highlights over my natural dark blonde again and keep it strong. I still rarely blow-dry ...but I do use the iron 3 times a week ;) I love that second shot. so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The best way to grow out one's hair to to take really great care of it by only using gentle products and very little processing (like straightening, blow-drying, etc.), because this will damage your hair and then you'll want to keep getting the ends trimmed. Those trims will slow you down a lot! Also, if you can avoid washing your hair every day, those natural oils are awesome for hair health. And finally, if your hair is curly, don't brush it much!
I change my cut and style all the time, and people are always astonished how I can do it. It is because I treat my hair well.

Leigh said...

RE: LifestyleBohemia ~ If you can believe, I still need to invest in a good diffuser, (what am I thinking) I cannot believe I do not have one. It is like one of those things you know you need, but always say next time lol...

RE: Maegan ~ Your hair is definitely a motivation towards, I LOVE your hair!!! and the creative styles you always come up with.

RE: Anonymous, such true advice! I completely agree with not washing the hair everyday, I at least am doing that right, I only really blow dry about 2 times a week, but that straightener is addictive, ;)

RE: Dallas ~ I had no idea your hair was like mine too!, I will definitely try the bumble and bumble, I also really like the Aveda moose, not sticky at all. And I also finally realized by adding a few drops of a thicker conditioner after towel drying was my savior.

RE: Kay~ So lucky you are at that point, but yes my best friend also donated her long locks, and is still trying to get her hair back too 2 years later.. They butchered it (wine involved) eek.

And for all men, I hear so much how you love the natural look anyway, I am going to compare if I am getting as many looks in public ;) lol

Anonymous said...

go for the natural curls, its that perfect
thanks for sharing, love it!

check out my blog @

♥Aubrey said...

Let me start by saying...Miracle Grow DOESN'T work on hair :)-
Seriously...i've tried it. Lol i know!!!
I think your hair is gorgeous BOTH ways, but i have to agree with Meagan and chime in to say i LOVE the natural curl you have. I know...i know, it's NOT what you want to hear. I too have curly hair and prefer it straight. But really...it looks FaB.u.LoUs on you. Your personality comes through lady.
I haven't dyed my hair in over a year and i have to say it's made it shinier and healthier in the end. My hair has grown twice as much as a result of it too.

Seville83 said...

I wish my hair was like yours, I really do. My hair was down to about my nipples (sorry, can't think of a better way to describe length) a few years ago, and I had it really short in high school and was dying to have it really short again. So I donated 11 inches of hair. And promptly missed playing with the length of it.

A few months ago when I hit the point that I either *really* needed to get a hair cut or just forget about it and grow my hair out, I chose to grow. I'm tired of being jealous of all those women with beautiful long gorgeous sexy hair. I want to join in too! lol

So I try not to treat it too badly. Which really means that even though it's currently an awesome shade of purple, I still use conditioner and mousse that is made to go with the hair dryer and such.

My hair isn't fried out or anything, but it does grow painfully slow no matter what. So on my long wait I go. I do remember it took me about two years to grow it out as long as it had been. So wait I will!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Keep it healthy and the rest will follow:)

Roseanna Willis said...

Thats funny, on the way home today I was thinking, I really need to do something with my hair. I'm not sure whether or not to let it go naturally curly (but use curling tongs on it for a more modern curl) or, to have it cut into a bob again and keep straightening it.
My hair is frizzy and high maintence so maybe the first option.But then having it long I am always tying it back because I just don't like wearing it down - aaaggghhh!
I agree with Love Maegan though, your second picture is lovely :)

Kosmopolight said...

I love your current look!! I've always wanted to be able to pull off that sexy, loose chiffon, but I never feel like it looks right on me (I tend to just look like a mess). You've done it just right. Fab! :)


Feelmore said...

Oh wow, we have the exact same hair issues. I cut all my long long hair off 6 years ago and it's only now getting back to where it was, albiet there's still a long way to go.

the layers is what makes it so much less thick looking!

prenatal vitamins, no blowdrying/straightening - esp straightening - deep conditioning, and trimming it myself every 5 - 6 months with expensive sharp scissors so i can control how little i take off as opposed to going into a hair place and risking them cutting off everything i've grown.

oh, and head massages. supposed to work wonders. or so, i tell my hubby...


Matt Veltman said...

Love the color in the first image.

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