Friday, December 18, 2009

Luccia Part 2

Photos ©Leigh 2009

Hello my wonderful friends, how are you?? I promise I have not forgot about you, I just had to step back and take a much needed break of sorts. I decided to take care of things that I have been putting off and I also started up a nice Yoga routine, (hello) why I have not really tried that beats me.. So amazing! I usually sneak in my workouts while brushing my teeth (seriously) and powering the sit-ups and all throughout the day (maybe), but like everything else I am trying to do to much at once and I think yoga is definitely teaching me to be in the moment more. Multitasking really is a road to wasted time.
So feeling refreshed and ready to dig back into a (one thing a time routine) lol I will catch up with you all this weekend and I promise to let you know if I disappear next time ;)

Happy Friday!!


ilovecoolthings said...

yoga has been a LIFESAVER for me.. it's funny because i always thought it was such mumbo jumbo... but it keeps me centered in my hectic life

Simply Mel said...

Welcome back....and namaste!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh great to see you back, lovin' these photo's.

That's terrific that you took time out and are doing yoga now as well, so good for you.

Lucia said...

I love your blog, I always get good ideas for me! I'm going to recommend you an excellent online store, this brand is from Spain but they send to all around the world and often have beautiful clothing at a great price!

Raru said...

Hello and welcome back :)
Nice shots :)
I have never tried YOGA. Huh. Feel little bit outdated :)

Have a great Sunday :)


Dancing Branflake said...

I do a modified yoga for lazy dancers (me) and I love how strong I can get. Trying to be better though. I absolutely love these photographs. Beautiful!

Mama Bird said...

lovely black and whites!

Nadege said...

hey L. i'll go for the yoga &
power crunches - there's a dvd
on mt tv getting rusty - time to
get busy.

the woman in the elevator is
an arresting photo, as well as
the one beneath it, full of

bec winnel said...

Hehe... I usually do my neck stretches on the tram in the afternoons! Nothing like multi-tasking, or should I say, making use of time! xo

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